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nathan-riley-9q3I8XhesQI-unsplashWe are the world’s largest database of online teaching job opportunities. We don’t use bots to find our positions – we “hand-scrape” the web each day to bring to you the most relevant online teaching positions available in higher education. Check daily for new jobs in your discipline for free, read our Sunday newsletter for our weekly jobs digest, or become a Premium Member and receive online teaching job alerts in up to three disciplines right to your inbox as soon as they are posted, giving you a jump start on your applications!

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OT101: Online Teaching Certificate Course

ot101PicFundamentals of Online Teaching (or, as we call it, OT 101) has something for everyone. Whether you have a ton of online experience, have just started online teaching, or hope to teach online one day, our 4-week, instructor-led, fully immersive and interactive online teacher training course will provide you with information and practice that will increase your skills and confidence in the distance education environment. Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a certificate to highlight on your CV and in your cover letter, thus proving you to be a life-long learner who endeavors to provide best practices in online education to your students.

Since our official launch in 2018, we’ve had nearly 400 members of our community successfully complete OT 101. You can read some of the wonderful things they have to say about the course over on our OT101 Reviews and Testimonials page.


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CD501: Foundations of Online Course Development

CD501 copyCD501: Foundations of Online Course Development is our 6-week certificate course covering today’s best practices in online course development. Upon completing CD501, you will have the knowledge and competencies needed to confidently create an online course – from the ground up, in any subject area. While CD501 does focus on higher education course development, the same approach can be used for creating well-designed commercial courses as well.

Join Dr. Brooke Shriner as she shares the science behind creating effective online courses, combining the latest research with her nearly 15 years of experience developing online curriculum for a variety of institutions. This course is approachable for distance educators of all backgrounds, from experienced course creators to those brand new to the task. Dr. Shriner teaches through storytelling and has crafted a unique student-focused approach that online learners appreciate and kindly praise.




OnRamp: Personalized help with your online teaching job application

ONrampHow can I improve my CV and cover letter? What is the landscape of distance education for the job-seeking online instructor? What is the best way to find and apply to online teaching jobs? What is a “Statement of Teaching Philosophy’ and how do I write one? How do I get my application noticed? How can I prepare for the interview?” We sought to answer these questions (and many more) in newest instructor-led, 4-week course: OnRamp: A Practical Guide to Landing an Online Teaching Job. Leave class with a fully, professional edited and reviewed set of application materials (including your CV, cover letter and teaching philosophy) so that you are ready to confidently and quickly fire off a job application as soon as you see one come across your screen. You can read more about how people are helped by our OnRamp course by clicking over to our OnRamp reviews and testimonials page.


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Connection and Community

linkedin-sales-solutions-Kfzfd8ksE10-unsplashWe use strategic partnerships to help place our community members directly in line with schools looking to hire adjuncts. We publish blog articles in our weekly emailed newsletter and social media pages to teach, inspire, empower, and inform our community of all things online instruction. We not only want to help you find rewarding online teaching work, we want to help you to grow your identity as a passionate, student-centered, distance educator.

AdjunctWorld is owned and managed by experienced online adjunct instructors who have been teaching, training, and helping other instructors find work for over a decade. We are proud of the many talented educators with whom we’ve worked and we look forward to helping you!


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