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We found and uploaded a bigger batch of jobs than usual this week, with 17 of those jobs in the Information Systems and Technology discipline. So, if you are an adjunct or have work experience in game design, database management, mobile app development, cloud computing, or cyber security this was your week!

And, while I have the attention of IT adjuncts, maybe you can help me. Can you educate me on what might be the difference between the Computer Science discipline and the Information Systems and Technology discipline? Sometimes I’m torn when categorizing certain positions. I often look at the degree requirement when making the decision (if a school wants an instructor with an IT vs. Computer Science degree). And then, are the cyber security jobs better categorized under Criminal Justice or are they more appropriately listed under IT as well? Or Computer Science?  Ah!

Please feel free to comment below to discuss!

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  1. Rhonda Street

    Computer Science vs. Information Technology is basically the depth of study that goes into the technical program. Computer science is more of the science/mathematical/engineering/security side of technology for programming including whys an hows of the way things work. Information technology covers some of this but geared more to making things functional for the end user. This includes installing hardware/software, networking, web design/maintenance, etc.


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