Hosting Contentious Discussions Online

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As a social science online instructor, I’ve seen my fair share of politically-charged discussion board posts. Especially these days. Hotly debated topics are welcomed by a lot of in-class instructors, as it livens the classroom environment and may help drive home some important learning objectives. However, hosting such discussions online can be a bit more… Read more »

The Role of the Online Teacher’s Personality

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I just finished reading an interesting, brief article on the role of the online instructor’s personality in the virtual classroom (Oregon University, 2016, article has since been archived). The author makes the point that we’ve long understood the role of instructor personality in the face-to-face classroom (with dynamic, humorous, “fun” instructors often receiving higher student… Read more »

Ending an Online Class – Facilitating Self-Reflection

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I’m just finishing up facilitating an online Field Experience course. In this class, students who were actively engaged in supervised human service field experiences kept track of their hours, reflected on their experience in weekly journals, read relevant text materials, and participated in discussion forums all in an effort to help them get the most… Read more »

4 Reasons to Assign Presentations Online

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There are a variety of options for online classroom assignments, each assessing a different level of student learning (see Bloom’s Taxonomy for more information on these levels).  Quizzes and tests assess student knowledge and comprehension.  Discussion board assignments give students a chance to show their analysis and application skills.  Longer written assignments, like essays and… Read more »

“Prompt, Robust Feedback” – What Online Students Want

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Happy Fall Semester everyone!  As many of us are starting new fall teaching assignments, its a good time to discuss what our students will be looking for from their online instructors in order to get the most out of their distance learning experience. Eskey & Schulte (2010) highlight some core areas to consider when planning… Read more »

Defining Plagiarism for Our Students

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I consider myself a patient instructor. I’ll spend quite a bit of time with a student who is struggling with academic writing, often stepping outside my role as a psychology instructor and entering into the realm of writing tutor. I don’t deduct a lot of points when I see a student struggling with their writing,… Read more »