4 Reasons to Assign Presentations Online

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There are a variety of options for online classroom assignments, each assessing a different level of student learning (see Bloom’s Taxonomy for more information on these levels).  Quizzes and tests assess student knowledge and comprehension.  Discussion board assignments give students a chance to show their analysis and application skills.  Longer written assignments, like essays and… Read more »

“Prompt, Robust Feedback” – What Online Students Want

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Happy Fall Semester everyone!  As many of us are starting new fall teaching assignments, its a good time to discuss what our students will be looking for from their online instructors in order to get the most out of their distance learning experience. Eskey & Schulte (2010) highlight some core areas to consider when planning… Read more »

Defining Plagiarism for Our Students

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I consider myself a patient instructor. I’ll spend quite a bit of time with a student who is struggling with academic writing, often stepping outside my role as a psychology instructor and entering into the realm of writing tutor. I don’t deduct a lot of points when I see a student struggling with their writing,… Read more »