Predictability: What Online Students Want

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One of the ways we can set our online students up to succeed is to create a predictable classroom environment – an environment where students know exactly when they are expected to do what over the course of the week.  How do they know this?  Because those assignments are typically due at the same time every week.  Of course,… Read more »

“Prompt, Robust Feedback” – What Online Students Want

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Happy Fall Semester everyone!  As many of us are starting new fall teaching assignments, its a good time to discuss what our students will be looking for from their online instructors in order to get the most out of their distance learning experience. Eskey & Schulte (2010) highlight some core areas to consider when planning… Read more »

The Forced Online Student?

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In last week’s email to the AdjunctWorld community, I waxed poetic a bit about a phenomenon I am noticing in some of my online and onground classes.  Several of you emailed me with similar experiences and I would like to share a bit and solicit some feedback from the AdjunctWorld blog community. A couple of… Read more »

Knowing Your Audience: Online Student Demographics

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“Know your audience.”  The advice is ubiquitous—given to salespeople, public speakers, marketers, teachers, and interviewees.  Its no less applicable to the online instructor.  Seeking to know one’s students is a best practice for online educators hoping to have an important impact on their students’ lives and careers. You can’t give people what they need if… Read more »