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linkedin-sales-solutions-Be5aVKFv9ho-unsplashLast week, we discussed three techniques to use to “invite” your students to an online discussion – a means of increasing engagement, an essential variable in online student (and teacher) success.

This week, I’ll add another tip for increasing engagement, as reported on the Blackboard Blog (2016): Increase student engagement by posting weekly video announcements. Instructional designer Josh Murdock writes:

I have created weekly updates via webcam for my online educational technology courses for a few semesters now. Students have given great feedback on this type of video announcement. Students say they feel more connected, understand expectations better, and get a better sense of the assignments each week. (para 5).

Murdock goes on to share that he follows the same format for each video announcements:

  1. Discuss the previous week with any type of encouragement or reminders needed.
  2. Discuss upcoming week assignments with particular details on assignments, best practices, and questions you typically get from students on the various assignments.
  3. Highlight something new and refer students to my Tips and Tricks section for a weekly extra on a tool or information.

Have you used video announcements in any of your classes? What success have you had? What issues have you run into? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Patricia N. Stevenson

    Hi, I can’t answer any of your questions right now; however, enjoyed your recent article on Adjunct World related to tip for online teaching. I haven’t started teaching online yet, but I’m about to start my online & in office training @ a nearby community college. As an adult ESOL adjunct, I’ve taught FTF classes in community colleges for 5 yrs (1-3) most semesters, but most summers I can’t get an adult ESOL class (mostly the full time instructors). I started getting interested last yr, & I’ve read other online teaching articles in other teacher websites. I plan to read more on your blog & get back to you, but I wanted to mainly introduce myself. Patricia


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