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This week, we got an email from an online job-seeking adjunct asking the following question:

I’m looking to begin online teaching to supplement my retirement income. I would like to give your site a try.  How do I register as a new member? Is there a cost for membership?

Great questions and ones I can definitely answer. I’ll answer the second question first.

No, there is no cost to sign up as a Basic Member of AdjunctWorld. As a Basic Member you have full use of our website, including a searchable database of available online jobs and the home page which lists the most recently added online jobs. As a Basic Member you will also have access to our AdjunctWorld blog, which provides resources helpful to the online teacher.  We send out a weekly summary email to all of our members as well, informing you of all the jobs added to our database that week. We offer additional resources in our weekly emails as well.

However, if you’d like to upgrade to a Premium Membership there is a small fee per month. With Premium Membership you will receive automated email alerts whenever we upload a job in your discipline. So, you are immediately and automatically informed of the new jobs in your specific discipline being added to our database without having to come to our site and check yourself. You are able to sign up for three disciplines, which we strongly encourage you do because it increases the number of relevant alerts you will get. Right now, the email alerts are perhaps the biggest perk of premium membership. There are other benefits of Premium Membership with new benefits being added soon. See our full description of Premium Benefits and how to sign up for them here.

Right now, when you sign up as a Basic Member, you get a free trial of Premium Membership. You will not be charged any money when your Premium Trial ends, you will have to self-select to continue if you’d like.

Now on to your second question! To sign up for Basic Membership (and your free Premium trial), do the following:

1)  Go to

2)  Scroll down to where you see “Adjuncts: Free Membership”

3)  Click on the “Sign Up” button under the “Adjuncts: Free Membership” title.

4)  Enter your email address and a password you will use to access our database. Make sure the email address is one you check, so that your free trial Premium Alerts go to a working email address.

5)  Continue the process and begin enjoying our site!

Best of luck to you as you search for online teaching work. Please free free to comment below with any questions or email me. Thanks for the questions! Keep ’em comin’!

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