holden-baxter-oxQ0egaQMfU-unsplashIf you are thinking of enrolling in one of our upcoming sessions of OnRamp – our 4-week, instructor-led guide through the process of applying to and landing an online teaching job – consider some of the very kind things our early adopters have said about their experience. It is our goal that you leave OnRamp with all of your questions about the process of finding an online teaching job answered, confident in your application materials, prepared for an interview, and overall excited (rather than stressed, confused, and frustrated) about pursuing online teaching work. Upon completion of the course you will have a professionally reviewed teaching philosophy, Curriculum Vitae (CV), and cover letter. You will also be prepared to answer just about any interview question that comes your way. Anything and everything you need to know about finding an online teaching job, you’ll learn in OnRamp. To learn more about OnRamp and to register, please click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Brooke.

Three Cheers for OnRamp!


Rose2The OnRamp course has exceeded my expectations. This course provided all of the tools that I need to effectively search for an online teaching position. I now have a cover letter and curriculum vitae that stand out from the rest. I also have confidence in answering online teaching interview questions. Brooke’s enthusiasm for the course is contagious, and her guidance and feedback are invaluable. Thank you, Brooke, for offering this much needed course!  ~ Rose C.


kyleI had the degree, the experience, and the drive to get the positions I was applying for, but it simply wasn’t happening. When I found the course, I had stopped sending out applications and was feeling hopeless, it was my last push. In the course, I not only learned what to improve, but I learned why and how with detailed, individualized feedback. Now, I have returned to sending out applications, but this time – with confidence. ~ Kyle F.




I made a career transition into online teaching. I found that the education world has a time-consuming job search and application process that’s very different from what I was used to. The OnRamp material, plus Brooke’s review of my CV, prepared me well and saved me many hours and a lot of frustration. – Renee H.



latorialAdjunctWorld has helped me to find a number of adjunct opportunities and valuable resources. The experience in OnRamp was very rewarding. I am glad that the course encourages learning more about adult learning theory. I feel that might benefit me across the board as adult learning theory is, of course, a big deal in online education. One of the greatest questions I used to have and for so long was “What is the difference between a resume and a CV?” OnRamp answered this question and more. ~ Latorial F.


CherylAnother wonderful class from Dr. Brooke Shriner! I’ve taken her first online class, “Fundamentals of Online Teaching- OT 101.”  OnRamp guides online teaching professionals with great material that helps create an outstanding curriculum vitae and resume. It produces an abundant amount of confidence in those professionals working as educators looking to change to the online world of education or new graduates looking to pursue online teaching work. For so many professionals working in the online education department, it can be easy to assume our resumes and CV’s are fine and need no adjustments, but let me tell you, Brooke’s content in OnRamp will make you want to toss out your old files and develop new material to have ready to submit when applying for online work. To highlight some great learning material in OnRamp: Restructuring your CV and Resume; learning what requirements are needed for job specifics; learning how to utilize your education in your degrees that can be used as experience in your resume; what to do while waiting to hear back about a job offer, and so much more! This class is extremely affordable and trust me, you will walk away with a great deal of material and confidence when applying for your next online teaching job! ~ Cheryl M. of Gravitational Performance


kelly 2I spent almost a year researching information from many sources to prepare myself for applying to online teaching positions. In one 4-week course, I was given access to all of this information and more. If you are looking to teach online and want to prepare yourself for this journey, this is the class for you. Don’t spend a year piecing together information as I did – take this class and have all the tools and practices necessary for your job search. Brooke is fantastic and shares so much information with her students. I can’t recommend it enough! ~ Kelly O.


Untitled 2I found the information on the CV and cover letter to be the most helpful part of this class. I learned how to enhance and highlight the skills that I do have to based on all of my experience even if it was not directly related to teaching online. I recently landed an online teaching job, and I believe this course helped me succeed by outlining what to expect in the interview and how to prepare for specific questions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is applying for online teaching jobs. It is very detailed and provides you with a step by step approach to landing a position and starting your career. ~ Akeisha S.


ROXYThis is the second course I have taken with Brooke. She is an amazing instructor and provides very detailed, positive and honest feedback on the submitted assignments. The course content includes very valuable information for applying to online teaching jobs. The educational material is well-written and easy to understand. I loved the course and its worth taking! ~ Roxane B.



OnRamp: Most Current Reviews:


The Practical Guide to Landing an Online Teaching Job course was awesome. The course content was relevant; Dr. Shriner provided timely and helpful feedback on all of the assignments. The thorough assessment and suggestions on the cover letter and CV was outstanding. Our class size was large, but that didn’t stop Dr. Shriner – she provided feedback on all of our cover letters and CVs within a few days. Each week, Dr. Shriner communicated to the class what to expect during the upcoming week which helped with planning and prioritizing the assignment throughout the week. It is clear she enjoys and has a passion for online teaching. ~ Patti M., February 2022


“Brooke is by far the greatest asset to the course. Her willingness to share her personal experiences are what make the course.  Too, she provides real-world insights that inform and influence the course materials and also how she shares with the students.  It is truly like having a guide help you navigate a path you have never traveled, yet one they have traveled successfully many times.  Great job in both the OT101 and On-Ramp courses.” ~ Michael J., February 2022


The course is a fantastic opportunity for those who are in the endless cycle of applying for adjunct positions without getting called to teach. The outline, layout, and personalized attention to every aspect of the job application make this course incredibly worth it. Thank you! ~ Megan R., May 2021


Key strengths of the course include the focus on developing a strong cover letter and CV and receiving feedback on them. Secondly, providing familiarization with the type and style of interview questions and how to adequately prepare for them are strong elements of the course. ~ Ron G., February 2022


“The strengths of the course are the clarity, the communication from Brooke, and the feedback on assignments.” ~ Gina B., May 2021


“Brooke knocked it out of the park with this course! I was so unsure how to prepare my teaching documents and feel so much more confident now that I have had the proper research and training required. If you are thinking of taking this course, DO IT! You will feel so much more confident as the weeks progress and have any and all questions you have answered in a supportive environment.” ~ Rebecca P, May 2021


This course was fantastic and very helpful. All of the information provided was relevant and applicable. My confidence in my ability to find an online teaching job has greatly increased. Brooke is a fantastic instructor. She gives great feedback, and in a timely manner. Her personality, enthusiasm, and knowledge come through in every lesson. Not only does she teach us what we need to know, she models what a great online instructor should do. Highly recommend this course! – Bonnie F., February 2022


Why train with the rest, when you can train with the best? Brooke is a phenomenal instructor. I love how she guides you on your learning journey, creating opportunities for those ah-ha moments, providing invaluable feedback, and a safe learning environment that embraces both diversity and clarifying questions. I encourage you to join Brooke as she guides you through the process of creating your roadmap to success as well as honing your skills to landing an online teaching job. ~ Shannon S., May 2021


This class really really helped me get ready to apply to positions. It walks you through the process step by step. You learn what you need to think about, how you need to present yourself, and what you need to prepare. You get lots of detailed feedback specific to your own situation. The teacher has lots of first-hand experience to share. ~ Maura S., February 2022


“Top of the list of strengths is Brooke! The lessons are always well thought out and put together. They are easy to read, and the information is well organized and presented. Brooke is an amazing instructor who was so helpful in calming my nerves and anxiety. I feel so much more confident about being able to approach this job search process.” ~ Laura M. May 2021


“OnRamp is a must-take course for anyone planning to enter the world of online teaching! Brooke is a phenomenal instructor in so many ways and a superb role model for aspiring online instructors. All the course materials and assignments are on-point and tremendously helpful in answering the big questions regarding online teaching. Brooke is super prompt with answering any questions and you always end up learning way more from her than you expected or asked. What she does to your teaching philosophy, CV and Cover Letter is also truly impressive – her feedback and editing is very detailed, polished and illuminating. I feel so much more confident about my documents and my applications after taking OnRamp. Brooke is a sincere instructor, who genuinely cares about her students’ application materials, puts in a lot of hard work and time to rework them and is always available to answer any follow up questions. Taking OnRamp was one of my best professional development decisions of 2021 and I definitely plan to enroll in OT101.” ~ Madiha S., March, 2021


“I thoroughly enjoyed the OnRamp experience. The course provided such valuable information and opened my eyes to a whole different way of exploring assignments as an online instructor. Dr. Shriner provided a systematic, practical, and more efficient way to seek out opportunities to serve as an adjunct instructor. This course was organized in such a way that we as students were able to learn from one another and relate our experiences, challenges, and ideas to one another in a meaningful way. At the same time, Dr. Shriner gave timely, wise, and encouraging feedback to everyone.

One of the hallmarks of an effective online course is feedback and Dr. Shriner modeled that for us perfectly. As a result of Dr. Shriner’s advice to reach out, be persistent, and use a thoughtful approach to seeking adjunct employment, I was able to secure two teaching assignments this current semester that were right under my nose within the system I was already teaching for.  She mentions exploring already existing contacts in Week #1 of the course. In addition to all that I have mentioned, the course’s inclusion of the CV review and cover letter review was valuable and will pay dividends now and in the future for participants in the course. This was an added bonus that made the experience even more worth it. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about how to approach securing a job as an adjunct instructor.” ~ George M., August 2020


“I can’t imagine applying to online teaching positions without taking this course.  I am now so much more confident and knowledgeable about the application process and prepared to apply.” ~ Mark A., March 2021


“The course was well designed for ease of use as it has been awhile since I have used Moodle. The content was on topic each week and provided additional resources to review even after the class is over. The instructor was responsive and had excellent examples and reasons why she thought something would be best. The course was a success for me as I gained a renewed sense of direction and excitement with ‘new tools’ to reach my target market. Thank you Dr. Shriner.” ~ Shelly G., March 2021


“This course is extremely well organized, providing a flowchart for searching for an online job. It is the systematic file that one builds that can be used when applying to any job requiring only a few adjustments. Brooke defines the types of colleges and universities one could apply to and the difference between profit and non-profit institutions (which makes a difference in one’s search). The examples of the CV, Cover letter, and build-up for the Personal Teaching Statement, and videos are simply terrific. The main thing I like is the wealth of information given with ease of reading. You find yourself wondering what’s in the next paragraph. Before you know it you’re finish with the lesson and retain the information without re-reading. I recommend this course to anyone who desires to search for any job. There are so many tips: Tips for interview questions, how to dress, what questions to ask the interviewer, etc. The entire course was a strength.” ~ Andretta C., November 2020


“One of the greatest strengths of this course is the personalized feedback from Brooke. She is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and provides great suggestions. Her feedback on CVs and teaching philosophies is spot on.”  ~ Saundra L., November 2020


“I was struggling with finding an adjunct professor position for some time now. I was using the AdjunctWorld website which has many good listings which I was applying for, but never heard anything back from the colleges. I was very frustrated. But I had this feeling that I was not doing something right. Then I saw the ad for a class offered by AdjunctWorld on how to apply for online adjunct positions. This I thought was definitely something I needed. Before I started the course. I thought I would just get help editing my CV and cover letter, which the class instructor did exceptionally well, but there was so much more important information the class provided. I realized why I was not hearing back from anyone. This class has better equipped me to look for online adjunct positions. I am excited now for the application process instead of dreading it in the past. I definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to succeed in landing that online adjunct job.”  ~ Raj S., August 2020


“I consider the course’s strengths to be the weekly reading assignment information and videos provided by Brooke. I also feel Brooke’s interaction, quick response, and direct, personal feedback to be very beneficial for me as I move forward in my adjunct online instructor job searches.” ~ Nadine J., November 2020


“This course was unbelievably helpful! And fun! I was astounded by the detail that we were given in how to put our teaching philosophy, CV and cover letter together. I could not have done this without the class. It was totally worth the time and effort! Loved it!” ~ Suzanne S., August 2020


“The strength of the course is all attributed to the efficiency, effectiveness, real time applicable experience and knowledge of Coach Brooke.” ~ Bridget V., November 2020


“This course was packed with in-depth information needed in today’s world of online teaching. The feedback received and the confidence I grew were the biggest strengths this course. Thank you so much!” ~ Trina N, March 2021.


“Strengths: Just the whole process of putting together an application package was immensely helpful. I’m leaving with a tangible set of materials that I can immediately put to use.” ~ Angela M., November 2020