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School Directory MenuI’m excited to announce the new and improved AdjunctWorld School Directory (to get to it click ‘School Directory’ in the black bar above).  This is the first of several Premium features we will be launching in the coming weeks to help support your job search activities and to enhance the AdjunctWorld Community.  The School Directory includes over 5,000 US-based Higher Education institutions, displaying both easy to access summary information and a direct link to a a vast amount of detailed information gathered and stored by the National Center for Education Statistics (via their College Navigator service).  This is an incredible resource to help you find and research new schools where you may want to teach.

Thousands of Adjuncts have visited the ‘old’ AdjunctWorld Directory of Online Colleges over the past couple of years. The Directory included links to the Jobs page for over 660 schools and hiring contact information for almost 300 of the schools. In some cases this information seemed pretty helpful. In other cases it was basic and general.

School Directory Screen

As you’ll see when you check out the AdjunctWorld School Directory we’ve integrated this school hiring information with the College Navigator data so that both are easily searchable and accessible for you.  Schools with the hiring information are designated with a gold star to the left of their names.

Our plan is to continue enhancing the School Directory with additional hiring information. This is where we could use the help of the AdjunctWorld Community.

School Directory DetailPlease take a look at the schools where you’ve taught and see if you have better hiring contact info than what’s listed. If so please leave a comment here, or send me a private message ( and I’ll update the Directory.

In the near future I’ll publish a more detailed description of all the data in the AdjunctWorld School Directory and instructions for finding it.  But in the mean time I encourage you to explore it on your own.  I think you’ll find it very easy to navigate and very helpful if you’re researching a particular school.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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