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What Past Students have Said:

  • I love the fact that you thought of this course to help others facilitate online courses in a deeper and more positive way. Taking this course has really boost my self-esteem in teaching and has improved the way I see things. Thank you.

    Kenyatta D.
    OT 101, May 2018
  • I look forward to ushering in my online learners as Brooke did, with a warm and enthusiastic welcome, and a lot of information about the course. I hope that my future online classes offer similar syllabi in terms of comprehensiveness of information presented to students.

    Michael G.
    OT 101, May 2018
  • Going through this course has really made me appreciate on a new level the challenges of being a student in an online class, and as such it is deepening my understanding of what my students go through when enrolled in my class. I feel I can now speak more honestly to their experiences.

    Melinda F.
    OT 101, May 2018
  • So far, my experience has been good! The icebreaker assignment helped me feel more connected…I like how the lessons are laid out in text-book format.

    Keonna D.
    OT 101, May 2018
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