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What AdjunctWord Community Members are Saying

I am writing to share with you what a tremendous vehicle AdjunctWorld has been in my search for potential online adjunct teaching positions. I have already received three job interviews and one job offer in the past three weeks from jobs marketed on your website. In particular, your Premium package served as a user-friendly resource for clearly identifying teaching opportunities in my particular field of education and interests.

Dr. Richard J. Hughbank, Major, U.S. Army (retired)
AdjuntWorld Member since June 2013

I am just writing to let you know how helpful adjunct world premium is in comparison to other sites that send me job alerts. I receive job alerts specifically to my interests. Usually, I get a list of jobs that do not pertain to me. I often feel like other sites just want to send a significantly long list, including many irrelevant jobs.

Jennifer McKenna
AdjuntWorld Member since June 2013

The premium feature will be a asset for all experiencing it. I used it for the first time today and it's convenient, the selected positions are relevant to my job search and current.

Professor Bryant Elliott Evans, MPA
AdjuntWorld Member since July 2011

I am a member of Adjunct World and have found it very helpful, and have applied to some of the positions, and have received 2 replies back. It is a start and you have to start somewhere.

Sandra Morrical, MBA, DBA Candidate
AdjuntWorld Member since May 2013

Thanks, I love AdjunctWorld--two of my three jobs were through you...

Rosa-Fay Milnar
AdjuntWorld Member since June 2011

One of my jobs was given by your Adjunct World, Thanks, Christine :-)

Christine Stagnetto-Zweig
AdjuntWorld Member since March 2011

This is such a tremendous resource!

Kate Masley
AdjuntWorld Member since March 2013

Thanks for helping adjuncts find jobs!

Diana Ramseyer
AdjuntWorld Member since March 2013

Thanks Matt! Also, thanks for such a great site! Adjunct world is the best!

Valencia Wiggins
AdjuntWorld Member since August 2011

Great site!

Dr. Joyce Dickens
AdjuntWorld Member since March 2013

I appreciate the direct link to available jobs (as part of the Premium Membership).

Vernice Moody, PhD
AdjuntWorld Member since June 2013

So happy to see the site up and running again. And thank you so much for putting the minimum educations requirement on the main page; it saves lots of digging around. Welcome back!

Jennifer Arthur
AdjuntWorld Member since November 2011

Thanks for posting that university of maine position. I am interested in more online jobs like that.

Gary Brown
AdjuntWorld Member since June 2013