tanner-van-dera-oaQ2mTeaP7o-unsplashIn the spring of 2018, we successfully launched our first course – Fundamentals of Online Teaching (OT 101), our instructor-led online teaching certificate course. After spending four weeks covering current the best practices in online teaching in an engaging, collaborative environment, OT 101 takers are excited to use the skills they’ve acquired in their online classrooms.

While reviews of OT101 are overwhelmingly positive, one question keeps popping up on end-of-class evaluations: “Brooke, now what? Now I have this wonderful training and I’m filled with excitement about teaching online but how do I land that job? Or, how do I find more online teaching work to grow my portfolio of adjunct positions?”

This, of course, is a terrific question. And OnRamp is our answer to it. Either as a stand alone course or as a compliment to OT 101, OnRamp will provide you with the information, resources, and expertise needed to make the whole process of finding online teaching work a lot less lonely, confusing, frustrating, and uncertain.

At the end of the OnRamp course, you will have:

  • All of your questions about the online education job market answered
  • An ebook (in the form of .pdf lessons, included in course cost) that walks you through the entire process of applying to online teaching positions.
  • A professionally reviewed and edited Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Individualized feedback on your cover letter
  • A thoroughly and professionally reviewed and edited Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Tips and suggestions on the most common interview questions
  • A computer file full of all the documents you will need to fire off online teaching job applications quickly, confidently, and easily

And this really isn’t the half of it. Please see below for a full course description and consider reading some of the very kind things OnRampers have said about the course. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Brooke, the course creator and instructor.


Full Course Description

Our OnRamp course provides you with information, practice, guidance, and individualized feedback that will help you succeed in starting or growing your online teaching career. This 4-week course was developed and is taught by Dr. Brooke Shriner, who created and teaches AdjunctWorld’s 5-star online teacher training course (OT 101: Fundamentals of Online Teaching). Dr. Shriner has successfully grown her own online, work-from-home teaching career and has over 5 years of experience finding and reviewing online teaching job descriptions. This course provides an honest overview of the online teaching job finding experience, provides you with important background information and illustrative examples, and offers detailed, individualized feedback on your application materials.

Week 1:  The Whos, Whats, and Wheres of Online Teaching

In Week 1, we will take an extensive look at the world of online teaching. Who is an online instructor? Who do they teach? And what does an online instructor do? What does the job description entail? Then, we will take a good look at where you will be applying (For-profit? Fully online school? Large state school?). We conclude with an in-depth look at the typical requirements that schools have for their online teaching job candidates.


Week 2: Your Online Teaching Job Application

In Week 2, we discuss how to develop habits that increase the chance that you will come across an online job relevant to you. We will prepare you to apply to jobs expediently yet thoroughly by compiling a “file” of information commonly asked for on online teaching job applications. Assignments in class will directly assist you in this task. While the CV and cover letter are vital components of an online teaching job application, we will save those for Week 3, where we can actively “workshop” these documents.


Week 3: CV and Cover Letter Workshop

This week we will learn about and discuss what makes a “good” vs. a “great” curriculum vita (CV) using concrete examples and a step-by-step walkthrough. Through this week’s assignments, you’ll receive individualized feedback and guidance on this critical document.  A good cover letter is also an important feature of an online teaching job application, so we will spend time reviewing and practicing how to write a strong one.


Week 4: Next Steps – While You Wait, Interviewing, and On-Boarding

In Week 4, we discuss the “Waiting Game” and what it is all about. We also consider some good ways of spending that “waiting” time to bolster your resume, increase your self-confidence, and create opportunities. And then, assuming that you do eventually get that coveted callback, you’ll want some guidance on the online teaching job interview process – which we also discuss this week. We’ll close by touching a bit on HR on-boarding processes.

Each week will include 1) Three .pdf lessons (sections of what would be a larger ebook) covering each of the topics above, 2) Dynamic, collaborative discussions with your peers and the instructor, 3) An individual assignment (your CV, teaching philosophy, etc) on which you will get detailed, individualized feedback, and 4) A self-check quiz just to make sure you got all those details. The course is hosted on the Moodle platform.

You’ve hit the On Ramp! Let’s see how far it takes you!

Course Start Dates

OnRamp runs multiple times throughout the year.

  • May 20th, 2024 (enrollment open!)
  • August 26th, 2024


The four-week OnRamp course costs $350. Premium members of AdjunctWorld automatically receive a 25% discount (taken off when you are signed in under your Premium account). We very often run additional coupon codes in the weeks leading up to each course start date. Check your email inbox for marketing messages from AdjunctWorld or email Brooke for any special offer we might be running.

For comparison, the going rate for professional CV reviews only can run anywhere between $60 and $400. With OnRamp, you get a professional CV review and individualized feedback on your cover letter, a fully edited Statement of Teaching Philosophy, tips on interviewing, an opportunity to network with peers in the field (through dynamic weekly discussions), and 1:1 guidance from and access to the instructor – both during class and at any point afterward. Plus four weeks worth of engaging, honest content to answer all of your questions about the online teaching job-getting process.


To register for OnRamp, you must have an account with AdjunctWorld. If you do not, you can create one (it is free!). Please click below and select the start date you are interested in which you’d like to enroll. The upcoming start date will be loaded by default.



Below, you will see some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about OnRamp.

I’m excited to have you join us!

Brooke Shriner, PhD
OnRamp/OT101 Course Creator and Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is OnRamp? OnRamp is a 4-week, instructor-led, asynchronous course hosted on the Moodle platform intended to provide online teaching job-seekers all the information, tools, guidance, and feedback they need to feel confident and be successful in their job search.

How much does it cost? The cost is normally $350. But we very often run coupon specials and email those out to AdjunctWorld members in the weeks leading up to the course starting. (Note: Premium Members always get an additional 25% off, deducted automatically at checkout!).

Do I have to be online at any certain time? Nope. This class is completely asynchronous. That means there is no time you have to be “in class”. There are no “live” components. There are, however, assignment due dates each week. As long as assignments are turned in by the due dates, you can structure your time as you see fit and as works in your schedule.

How much time will this take me? OnRamp takers say they spend roughly 5-7 hours each week on the class.

What does each week of the 4-week class consist of? Assigned readings (no text to buy!), videos to watch, a discussion board assignment, an individual assignment, and a 10-question quiz. The instructor joins you in the discussions every week and provides guidance, support, and detailed, individualized feedback on the assignments you turn in.

Who is this class intended for? Everyone who is applying for online teaching positions! If you want to teach online and haven’t yet or if you have been teaching online for years and are looking for additional opportunities to add to your portfolio, this class offers information, inspiration, community, guidance, and practice…in addition to full professional review and edit of your application materials, including your Teaching Philosophy, CV, and cover letter. On our reviews and testimonials page, you’ll see comments from folks who have been teaching online forever and those who are hoping to start – and everywhere in between!

What value will I receive from taking OnRamp? Upon successful completion of OnRamp, you will have the following: All of your questions about the process of finding an online teaching job answered, detailed guidance on the process of finding, applying to, and landing online teaching work, an ebook (in the form of weekly .pdf lessons) that helps you create an outstanding set of online teaching application materials, a professionally reviewed CV and Statement of Teaching Philosophy, feedback on your cover letter, peer interaction, instructor interaction/feedback/engagement, access to the instructor during and after class for questions, and the confidence you will have in applying to online teaching jobs with purpose and on purpose.

Can I read some student reviews? Certainly! Here is a link to our reviews and testimonials page.

Who teaches the course? What are their credentials? Right now and for the foreseeable future, I teach the course. I also wrote the content for it and developed it. My name is Dr. Brooke Shriner. I am a licensed clinical psychologist by profession and I have been teaching psychology online at a variety of academic institutions for over 12 years. Currently, I teach online for five institutions of higher education in addition to teaching OT 101 and OnRamp. I taught professional development in distance education courses for a company called The Learning House, Inc. for many years and, in a separate role – of subject matter expert – at this same company, I developed and wrote the content for nearly an entire online undergraduate psychology program. In my role at AdjunctWorld, I’ve been finding and uploading jobs, helping schools find online adjuncts who fit their requirements, interacting with our community and supporting their job search efforts, and creating professional development opportunities for going on 6 years.

Do I need any special equipment or do I need to purchase a textbook? Nope. Just your computer with an internet connection. I provide all of the learning content in the form of week-by-week .pdf lessons. No textbook required.

I’ve never taught online before. Will I fit in? Certainly! OnRamp provides a supportive, encouraging atmosphere for folks seeking to teach online for the first time.

If I take OnRamp, will I get an online teaching job? OnRamp sets you up to succeed in your job search and helps present you in your best light to schools looking to hire online adjuncts. It provides important and valuable guidance, information, support, and feedback that will increase your chances of success. However, we cannot promise that if you take OnRamp that you will find online teaching work.

Is OT 101 a pre-requisite for OnRamp? Nope :) While I strongly recommend our Fundamentals of Online Teaching (OT 101) course, it is not required that you have taken it in order to enjoy and benefit from OnRamp. The are, however, “sister courses” so you might consider taking OT 101 upon completion of OnRamp to round out your professional development in this area.