AdjunctWorld Premium Members currently enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  1. Personalized Job Alerts: Receive emails notifying you when online teaching jobs are listed on AdjunctWorld in disciplines that you select. You can select three discipline areas for which to receive email alerts. This maximizes the number of leads you receive while still ensuring that these leads are relevant to you. Human eyes look at every one of our job listings to ensure they are specifically relevant to you. For example, want online-only teaching jobs in the area of Business? That’s what you will get. Let us weed out the riff-raff and make sure you are getting leads on exactly the kind of job you want!
  2. Extra Discount on our Online Teaching Certificate Course (OT 101: Fundamentals of Online Teaching). Premium members will receive an extra 25% off when they enroll of any section of our 4-week, online, asynchronous, interactive, and instructor-led certificate course. This discount is taken off automatically when you are signed in to AdjunctWorld and in used in addition to any coupon codes being offered.
  3. Bigger discount on our popular self-paced course titled Your Guide to Finding an Online Teaching Job (Guide). This 3- module course lets you work at your own pace while you receive step-by-step guidance on the online teaching job application process, including a ton of advice and suggestions regarding your CV and cover letter (and a lot more!). When you upgrade your account, Brooke will send you a discount code to use when signing up for this class.
  4. Special Offers: As we continue to develop our professional development curriculum and services, premium members will always receive a special offer or discount.
  5. Premium Placement: When a school comes directly to AdjunctWorld looking for adjuncts to fill a position, our premium members are alerted first. Premium members who have successfully completed OT 101 may receive a personal recommendation.
  6. Premium School Directory Access: See job search resource information (jobs page URL, HR Contact information) for over 750 (and growing) schools with online programs. Have one click access to detailed background information from the U.S. Department of Education on over 5,000 schools.
  7. Adjunct Directory Networking: Ability to directly message our very large (and growing!) community of Adjuncts listed in the Adjunct Directory. Network with other Adjuncts in your discipline, who have taught at schools you’re targeting, located in area or who received a degree where you did. (Limit 10 messages/day).

Subscriptions are available for a very affordable monthly price. All subscriptions come with a money back guarantee. Meaning, if you aren’t finding value in your Premium Membership just cancel from your AdjunctWorld profile page (use link “Change Subscription” on the left hand side of your profile page) and we’ll refund the full amount that you’ve paid for the current month and stop charging your credit card from that point forward.

Here’s how to subscribe:

  • Log in to AdjunctWorld by clicking “Sign In” on top right corner of
  • Click the ‘Upgrade’ link in the upper top-right side of the screen, next to your profile picture or on your Profile Page.
  • Follow the instructions on the Upgrade page. Remember to go to your profile and click on “Manage Alerts” and select three discipline areas for which you would like to receive emailed job alerts. This will maximize your returns yet keep the jobs relevant to your personal job search.

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