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norbert-levajsics-D97n3LR5uN8-unsplashIn our 4-week course OnRamp: A Practical Guide to Landing an Online Teaching Job, we discuss the idea of developing multiple remote income streams. A lot of our job-seeking online adjuncts are looking for ways to spend the “wait time” – the time between applying, applying, applying and eventually landing that online teaching position, and one of those ways is to consider other remote work opportunities. Indeed, for as passionate as we all are about teaching our subject to adult learners online, we are also seeking online work to earn money remotely with the added benefit of flexible scheduling.

You might consider the following remote work opportunities when expanding you job search:


Subject Matter Expert: I’ve written extensively about SME work over on the Adjunctworld blog. Check it out! SME work was the gateway to my own productive online teaching career, so I am a champion of it. We also tend to list a lot of SME positions on Adjunctworld, so consider learning more about these types of jobs.


Discipline-Specific Remote Jobs: Your degree doesn’t only open the door to teaching online or otherwise. It opens a lot of other doors as well, and some of those might be remote positions. Talk with folks, network, research, and work to create your own remote job opportunities facilitated by your advanced degree.


Tutoring: offers a lot of resources when it comes to becoming a virtual tutor in your discipline area.


Blogging: A lot of folks in the academic community have created blogs that generate some amount of income, either from services they provide, products/books they sell, or from advertising revenue. For example, a member of our AdjunctWorld Community, Ginger, runs a website dedicated to, interestingly, this exact topic! She has dedicated herself to educating folks about remote work opportunities on her website:


Teach Your Own Online Class: There are a lot of websites out there (our self-paced courses are hosted on one of them called Thinkific) where you can develop, market, and sell your own online course. I’ve written a bit about this over on our blog in an article titled: Teaching Your Own Online Class? An Option for Getting Teaching Experience (and Money!). Check that one out!


Care to share some of the ways you’ve developed your remote work portfolio? Whether as your primary means of income or as the proverbial “side hustle?” Join us by leaving a comment down below!

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