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What Past Students have Said:

  • The OnRamp course has exceeded my expectations. It provided all of the tools to effectively search for an online teaching position. I now have a cover letter and CV that stand out from the rest. I also have confidence in answering online teaching interview questions. Brooke's enthusiasm for the course is contagious, and her guidance and feedback are invaluable.

    Rose C.
  • I had the degree, the experience, and the drive to get the positions I was applying for, but it simply wasn't happening. When I found the course, I had stopped sending out applications and was feeling hopeless, it was my last push. In the course, I not only learned what to improve, but I learned why and how with detailed, individualized feedback. Now, I have returned to sending out applications, but this time - with confidence.

    Kyle F.
  • I spent almost a year researching information from many sources to prepare myself for applying to online teaching positions. In one 4-week course, I was given access to all of this information and more. If you are looking to teach online and want to prepare yourself for this journey, this is the class for you. Don’t spend a year piecing together information as I did – take this class and have all the tools and practices necessary for your job search. Brooke is fantastic and shares so much information with her students. I can’t recommend it enough!

    Kelly O.
  • I recently landed an online teaching job, and I believe this course helped me succeed by outlining what to expect in the interview and how to prepare for specific questions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is applying for online teaching jobs. It is very detailed and provides you with a step by step approach to landing a position and starting your career.

    Akeisha S.
  • AdjunctWorld has helped me to find a number of adjunct opportunities and valuable resources. The experience in OnRamp was very rewarding. One of the greatest questions I used to have and for so long was "What is the difference between a resume and a CV?” OnRamp answered this question and more.

    Latorial F.
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